The way I can to become a Carl Brutananadilewski

The way I can to become a Carl Brutananadilewski

19, 1961 february

“Yeah! Tonight!” “I do not require no directions to understand just how to rock!” “Okay have crappy week-end! Hope your home burns down.” “Bitch, think about it!” “What occurred to my freakin’ vehicle?!” “Get out of my friggin pool!” “Friendship ain’t about trust. Friendship’s about nunchucks.” |abilities = dramatically strong

first appear

final look

Functions out from the true home previously worked at a Styrofoam peanut factory before being replaced with a

|episode appearances = Carl will not appear in the next

Carl Brutananadilewski (better called merely Carl) could be the tetartagonist associated with adult that is popular program Aqua Teen Hunger Force. He’s voiced because of the show’s co-creator Dave Willis whom additionally voices Meatwad while the Mooninite Ignignokt. In an meeting Dave Willis claimed that Carl may be the “basic label of men as a whole.”

Character Edit

Carl could be the Aqua Teens’ quick tempered, balding, mustached, sarcastic neighbor whom lives in nj. He has got a strong passion for activities, pornography, and classic stone (especially “a lot more than a sense” by Boston) which assists him along with his favorite task, masturbation. He generally dislikes the Aqua Teens, and considers them freaks. Carl often tolerates and welcomes them (hardly ever by having a favourable result) perhaps as a result of loneliness. He’s got a pool that the Aqua Teens usually utilize uninvited. Their house and car tend to be damaged, in which he is normally tortured and killed, somehow relating to the Aqua Teens. Their family members carries a notably cruel daddy whom worked in a carpeting factory, a mom whom he contends with more than the telephone, a male mafia cousin, and a lady second-cousin that is an individual mom and Carl contends with but cares for. Continue reading “The way I can to become a Carl Brutananadilewski”