Meth and HIV Among Gay and Bi Latino Men VIDEOS

Meth and HIV Among Gay and Bi Latino Men VIDEOS

Digital conversations in Texas and Los Angeles shed light on “the dark region of the rainbow.”


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Unlike current decades, crystal meth is frequently over looked in today’s conversations about drug usage connected to HIV danger (nowadays, opioids have a lot of the attention). But this does not suggest meth has disappeared. Far it comes to Latino men who have sex with men (MSM) from it, especially when. And this summer time, two community leaders—one in California and another in South Texas—used Zoom and YouTube webinars to attract much-needed focus on this dilemma.

Richard Zaldivar, founder and administrator manager for the Wall Las Memorias venture, A latino-focused health insurance and health team in Los Angeles, moderated a discussion that included scientists, medical care providers, government officials and advocates (you can view the group’s “Act Now Against Meth” roundtable below). Continue reading “Meth and HIV Among Gay and Bi Latino Men VIDEOS”