The call after first date can be very important

The date itself should should have prepared you for the call. Did the two of you have a great time or were there awkward silences? There is some stuff you can do to rescue a date that went badly with a call, but is it really worth it?

Most guys gather the information at AdultFrienedfinder they need from a girl during the first date process. That is sort of, “the point” of the first date: to see if you have basic compatability.

Some guys do totally fail to gather all of the information that they should have gathered when on the date, though.

Let’s look at some things that you should pay attention to and do during the date to make the call after first date a success.

What is the girl’s personality? Does she like to joke a lot? Is she into smart guys? What does she like? What is she passionate about? Some basics on her family and friends What is her job. What are her interests? (movies, books, TV, music?) Understand her Passions. These should lead to her passions. Finding out what she is passionate about is key.

You should ask her some questions until she lights up and starts talking about something excitedly like AdultFrienedfinder. This is going to be one of her passions and you should pay close attention to what she is saying so that you will be able to hold a conversation with her about this matter at a later time.

You want to get this information on the first date at AdultFrienedfinder. Failing that, heopfully you can pull it out of her quickly in the phone call, but you may already be working from behind.

Perhaps you have seen the classic scene from swingers where they talk about how long to wait before you call a girl

If you have gained knowledge of her passions, THAT is what you are going to want to talk about in your first phone conversation. If you SHARE the passion, it is easy. If not you should ask questions and be interested. Steer the conversation, but give her free reign to cut loose.

She is going to be greatly impressed that you listened so well and are able to speak with her on the matter.

What about the thing YOU say? As the conversation progresses, and you are talking, you need to see what she responds to. Since you will not be able to see her responses over the phone you, once again the actual first date itself is the best time to guage these reactions and the call after the first date is just going of the data you have collected.

If you are telling a joke does she lean forward, laugh and push your arm or does she kind of sit there confused and wondering what in the world you could be talking about?

If she enjoys your joke in person then you know that you can be funny when you are on the phone and she is going to respond well to your jesting. If she does not respond well in person I wouldn’t suggest trying to pull a joke off over the phone since this is even more difficult.

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Phones lack nuance, it is far harder to pull off subtlety. If she didn’t “get” sarcasm face-to-face never attempt it over the phone.

When should you call her? There is “something’ to that, but it is also important to hammer some things home while the fire is hot. Since there are good and bad reasons for waiting and not-waiting, the decision on when to call is up to you.