Communities have a “contact budget” just like individuals. It a massive oversimplification, but if you have X daily contacts you can “spend” and still keep the virus “under control,” you have to decide where to spend those contacts schools vs. Bars, for example.

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You grimaced when a questionable hit was laid, leaning back when the whistle was blown and a scuffle ensued. But you leaned forward again when your boyfriend’s name was announced, your eyes going to the jumbotron, watching him land a couple of punches with a look of pure fire in his eyes. The refs broke it up pretty quickly, and you wanted as he was skating over to the box, the ref’s hand clenched around the back of his jersey.

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O’Reilly ended an eight game goal drought by scoring 43 seconds into the game and with 9:22 left in the third period. The game was a back and forth thriller, with Boston’s Tuukka Rask and St. Louis’ Jordan Binnington each giving up tons of rebounds for frantic scoring chances and scrums.

Stay at home LoserNo pants suits or power suits here. We do not value the mothers that stay home to raise our future generations. I believe my mom staying at home with me for the first ten years of my life gave me a wonderful start. That’s a sentence you could use in just about every story written about the Canadiens for the last eight years since former GM Pierre Gauthier traded Jaroslav Halak to the St. Louis Blues in exchange for Lars Eller and Ian Schultz on June 17, 2010. The trade officially handed the No.

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