Until Indian basketball finds a more consistent competition and broadcasting opportunities, fans are more likely to flock to the NBA, the best basketball league in the world out of North America. Most Indian fans recognise Stephen Curry and LeBron James over Vishesh Bhriguvanshi and Amjyot Singh. Their game is too fleeting to follow, so fans understandably take the easier and more spectacular international option..

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Turns out Ingrith roughly corresponds to the original conception of Maleficent as a poorly motivated evil villain. She’s a low down racist against the fairies and other woodland creatures that live in the Moors where Aurora reigns as queen and Maleficent lurks around with longtime companion Diaval the raven (Sam Riley, when in human form). The union represented by Aurora and Phillip be damned, Ingrith’s gonna blow it all up with a sinister smile.

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